About us

SC LUMY TOOLS TRANS SRL, company with Romanian capital, is a national importer and distributor of tools and hand tools used in construction, furnishing and interior design.

The company’s activity started in 2001 at the headquarters in Suceava, by distributing various European brand of products.

Since 2004, importing directly from famous manufacturers, we designed our first brand – LUMYTOOLS – and it has a great success in Romania.

In order to be closer to our customers from the south area of the country, in 2005 we opened a brand at Otopeni.

In 2011, after the first decade of activity, Lumy Tools consolidated its position in the autochthon market for tools, being in the top 5 most powerful players on the Romanian market.

Currently, we are seeking to put at the disposal of our clients product ranges as comprehensive and tailored to market requirements, both in terms of quality and price.

For the next 10 years we want to expand the sales area on outside borders of the country. Also, we want to develop a strong brand nationally and internationally.

Product trading


In those over 15 years of presence on the market in Romania, we have formed a stable network of clients in all administrative units of the country.

Our sales team with over 30 agents and sales representatives ensure maximum forwardness in taking orders and providing rapid and effective solutions to the needs of their customers.

The products sale is made through supermarkets and hypermarkets networks, as well as through traditional retail stores – hardware stores, universal stores and warehouses.

We trade and deliver Lumy Tools products based on predetermined weekly routes that cover all counties in the country. Our logistics better and better scaled ensure delivery within 48 hours of their release date.

Lumy Tools activity is structured as follows: from the headquarters in Suceava we manage the west and the north-east and Otopeni brand covers the southern area of the country.

Lumytools Range


is a registered trademark, being the property of SC LUMY TOOLS TRANS SRL. Our products address both professionals – craftsmen, handicraftsmen, painters from the construction and finishing field, as well as the DIY segment (do-it-yourself).

Our tools are divided in two classes: professional quality and standard, satisfying the requirements of the most demanding users and operators, both in terms of quality and price-quality ratio.

Lumy Tools range includes:

  •         Construction and finishing tools
  •         Painting tools and accessories
  •         Adhesive tapes
  •         Wallboard working tools
  •         Measuring tools
  •         Power tools accessories
  •         Gardening tools
  •         Home cleaning
  •         Ropes – strings
  •         Working equipment
  •         Locksmith, masonry and fittings
  •         Various fastening tools
  •         Tools storage and transport
  •         Display shelves

The advantages of collaboration with Lumy Tools:

  •         Importer prices
  •         Flexibility in negotiating trade conditions of collaboration
  •         Over 1600 items divided in two-classes: professional quality and standard, in accordance with international quality standards
  •         Modern packaging and presentation
  •         Openness and transparency towards clients and any proposals from them
  •         Loyalty programs
  •         Diversifying the range of products in every season
  •         Forwardness and free shipping in all counties of the country within 48 hours
  •         Free technical advice provided by our staff with high experience in this field
  •         Taking orders weekly directly from stores, with the help of our agents
  •         Display shelves for products, customized for every range
  •         Regular promotions for different categories of products.

The company’s mission

Our company aims to become leader in the tools used in construction and finishes market with a client-oriented attitude and the ever-changing expectations of it.

All of these make Lumy Tools a trustful and successful brand in Romania.